As business coaches, we are privileged to work with powerful leaders that are men and women.
In honour of Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on two powerful women who have coached with RainTree, and the feminine leadership characteristics that have made them so successful.

(Individual names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients)

Bongiwe – our corporate strategic powerhouse
We have been privileged to work with a young executive in one of the South African banks. Let’s call her Bongiwe. Bongiwe defied all odds and rose to a senior executive role, despite facing racism, leadership insecurity from her superiors and political manoeuvring within the organisation. What is it about her that has driven her to succeed, despite all her challenges?

Bongiwe is committed and dedicated to her work and its quality. She will not compromise on the outputs that are delivered.
She has recognised that a leader without a strong team is just a person, standing alone. So, she works tirelessly to select, grow, and empower her staff.
A great personal challenge she faced was releasing the reigns and trusting others to deliver. Once she built her ability to trust herself, however, she learnt how to delegate in the same way she delivers her own work – in a structured, thorough, and clear manner.

Her greatest asset, and challenge, is her humility.

Throughout her journey, she has had to embrace and accept that she is capable and enough for the role. She comes from humble beginnings and has defied the odds. She has had to learn that she deserves what she has earned and, in fact, is an asset, as she brings a unique perspective into the work, conversations, and strategy she is now responsible for. She is an inspiration.

Samantha – our inspiring woman leader making a difference in a man’s world
Recently, Leoni and I started working with the Managing Director of a medium sized business in a traditionally masculine industry. We will call this client Samantha. Samantha is leading a team of men in a man’s world, and she is doing it powerfully and confidently.

What are the qualities that have allowed Samantha to succeed where most women would not?

Samantha has an unending hunger for learning and self-growth. I have never met anyone who has read about and explored her own strengths and weaknesses as much as Samantha. This exploration has formed a foundation that has allowed her to be confident with who she is and how she is in a world that is not always accepting or forgiving. Samantha possesses an ability to remain calm in a storm and focus on the solution – a critical trait in an industry that is undergoing significant change.

Her innate talent for pinpointing the core problem and crafting a strategic solution is founded in her wealth of knowledge and serves both herself and the business.

She has at times succumbed to second guessing her authority. Each time this happened, she observed how those around her feel unsafe – and how this leads to reduced productivity and profitability. Only because of her willingness to acknowledge that she hasn’t stood strong has she been able to put structures in place that inspire confidence and return the team to their best.

Through our coaching journey, we’ve recognised a number of strong leadership characteristics that both women share, which allow them to step into their personal power and lead their teams to success.

These include commitment and dedication to:

  • Quality of work that is delivered
  • Selecting, growing, and empowering staff
  • Trust in herself so she can trust her team and confidently delegate
  • Owning that she is enough for the role and deserves success
  • Leaning into the unique and powerful feminine perspective that is brought into the workplace
  • Learning about her own strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-confidence and willingness to stand in her authenticity
  • Ability to remain calm in a storm and to lead to solutions
  • Importance of standing strong in her authority so those around her feel safe
  • Beings structured and inspiring so others can feel confident in their authenticity and role.


  • Lucienne  — August 10, 2021

    Leaning into the unique and powerful feminine perspective that is brought into the workplace is especially powerful along with when we learn about our own strengths and weaknesses we are then able to bring all the other listed leadership qualitities.

  • Пётр  — January 26, 2022

    Ничто таким образом не успокаивает, как недурственная статья. Вы лучшие

    • Angela Heeley  — February 24, 2022

      Nothing is so reassuring as a good article. You are the best (Translation thanks to Google Translate). Hopefully, Google translated this correctly. Thank you for your kind words. We hope you will keep reading and enjoying our articles.

  • Rachell Mcgue  — February 21, 2022

    I used to be able to find good information from your blog articles.

    • Angela Heeley  — February 24, 2022

      Hi Rachell, thanks for reading our blog and giving us feedback. We are always trying to add value. I trust you will keep reading our blog and hopefully, our next article will be more interesting for you. We value your input.

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