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RainTree ignites your leaders to grow the business with you.
We coach teams and individuals to become strong, confident, well equipped business leaders.

We understand that the best managers are those who partner with the business to lead and grow the business.

What can you expect from your team after completing their coaching with us?


  • Leadership skills supported by changed behaviour and improved understanding.
  • Long lasting, improved productivity and delivery, as your leadership team meet and understand requirements.
  • Managers who care about the business they work for – joining with you in the leadership process to build a legacy with you.
  • A leadership team you can trust to manage your business even when you’re not present.
``The Pandae Management team engaged in the RainTree Empowered Leaders Group Session, a 10 session programme which aimed at developing new and enhance, existing leadership and management skills.

Each training session was carefully linked, to enable each manager to understand themselves, their strengths, and flaws, not just personally but professionally as well. This could only be achieved through the team’s honesty and willingness to learn. After each session you could sense an air of completeness and acuity of each other’s presence and potential in the work environment.

With the emphasis being on goal setting from the beginning of the program, this flow through during all sessions, set the rhythm of each session, which all managers enjoyed particularly the junior managers.

The sessions that focused on inter communication were extremely valuable to our team, as we have a large employee base of varying levels. It gave great guidance and vision on how to best communicate with all levels of employees.

Each session came with practical insight which accelerated the management team’s, maturity in dealing and bridging that generational & cultural gap between General Staff & Management.

The most prevalent note of the Rain Tree sessions is that it encouraged the junior managers to “branch” out of their shells, thus allowing them to explore entire new possibilities. They also realised their potential through authentic and active participation at each session of the training.

The changes are evident, communication has greatly improved, each department has adopted a learning culture mentality, which has assisted in creating cohesion in the departments.

The program was enjoyed, especially by the junior management who had not before been exposed or participated in such a program.``

helium Management Team Pandae Green
“Angela guides me on how to put things into perspective, put all the puzzle pieces together and in under an hour guide me in solving challenges that I had been working on for weeks at a time. She has equipped me with the know-how on how to approach challenges going forward. On an ongoing basis, my Manager and colleagues had commented on how I had transformed within short periods of time. ”
helium Alicia Nicholls Standard Bank
“As someone who has attended Leoni’s training session and workshops, I have grown so much from her guidance and expertise. It is so great to be in an interactive workshop that does not make you feel intimidated or shy but warms you up and keeps you interested. Everyone has a voice and contributes to the session without feeling out of place. I now know and understand myself wholeheartedly and are able to identify triggers that derail me.”
helium Siphokazi Thabethe Account Manager, HDI Youth Marketeers
“The training content was relevant and well suited for our business needs. She was able to adapt the material to the East Africa environment, giving us examples that hit home and helped us go beyond complex concepts to winning ideas that we are able to apply locally and adjust to suit our clients' needs. We found her to be skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Her sessions were interactive and practical, empowering the team with much needed skills and knowledge and positioning us for success. I highly recommend RainTree as expert business coaches.”
helium Sharon Mutuku Operations Manager, HDI Youth Marketeers, East Africa
“The coaching sessions with Angela have helped me to grow enormously from a work perspective but also personally. The content was relevant. We touched on several themes throughout the process, including forming connections and networking; purposeful life and value add; confidence and barriers; and being one’s authentic self.``
helium Lorraine Scheepers Attorney
“I am in a much better position now than when we started. She (Leoni) is just awesome. She is very knowledgeable and shaped our journey. Thank you, Leoni!”
helium Bongani Kamanga Founder and CEO, Batshele Marketing and Communications
“Enlightening, captivating, inspiring and useful. These are just a few words to describe the way Leoni opens your eyes to new possibilities. Whether it’s personal or work related, her techniques help you as an individual or group realize your full potential and lets you think outside the box.”
helium Julene Muller Regional Manager Cape Town, HDI Youth Marketeers
``Angela possesses every trait that a great coach should have. She is deliberate in her approach, motivating, and passionate. More significantly, she instilled these same characteristics in me during our journey together. I've been privilege to not only learn from Angela, but also to discover my authentic self while on the coaching journey with her. Angela is one of those coaches that actually makes a difference in people's lives. If you need to rediscover yourself and your superpower, the best thing you can do for yourself and your future is to contact Angela. Your accomplishments will speak for themselves. Thank you, Angela, for everything and I mean everything.``
helium Lydia Nekhunguni Johannesburg Housing Company
“Dealing with Leoni over a number of years has been an absolute pleasure, she brings a level of professionalism and a work ethic that makes me feel comfortable in leaving the health of the brands in her hands. She works efficiently in what is often high-pressure situations and the great results that have been achieved are a testament to her abilities to work with multiple stakeholders and often complex situations.”
helium Bevan Lewis Marketing Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
“It was a pleasure taking part in the coaching adventure with RainTree. Initially I was a bit skeptical regarding the value of coaching but can now honestly say that every session was productive. It wasn’t easy, actually it was quite uncomfortable, but it was definitely worthwhile.”
helium Gert Opperman Senior Consultant, UCS Solutions
“She realised potential for development early onwards and actively supported me on a difficult and challenging journey into a management position. The Coaching sessions with Angela have changed my general view on my own work, the dynamics of our Team and enabled me to become the leader that I am today. ”
helium Soeren Kruse Head of Business Development, Hannover Re
“Leoni is a true professional when it comes to her work, she is great at listening and understanding exactly what the client is looking for, and fantastic at coming up with practical solutions to any challenges that may arise. During the past three years working closely with Leoni, I have found her to be trustworthy with a high level of integrity.``
helium Steven Duguid Assistant Marketing Manager, Youth|Client Engagement, Nedbank


Leoni Coetzee

Leoni Coetzee

Managing Director and Coach

I develop and facilitate sustainable and measurable coaching journeys that empower my clients to lead their work and personal lives purposefully.

Angela Heeley

Angela Heeley

Managing Director and Coach

When I work with a client we embark on a journey of discovery. It is a supported and safe adventure that allows my clients to discover their power.

Faranah Dildar-Mia

Faranah Dildar-Mia

Head of Coordination and Operations

I work with a great team and that makes my work that much more enjoyable and rewarding. My aim at the end of the day is to ensure our clients and my team are supported to the best of my ability.

Our Business Coaching Solutions

Through our years of coaching, we have developed key coaching programmes that heal the issues which are limiting leaders and businesses. We cater to a large variety of business clients. Take a look at our packages below. If you’re not sure what you need - don’t worry - get in touch and we will find your solution.

Management for Results

  • Designed with teams of managers in mind
  • Empower your managers to grow your business with you. Establish a team you can trust and rely on to achieve results.
  • Groups of 4 – 12 People
  • Includes 10 Group Coaching Sessions

The Power of Feedback

  • Designed for leadership and management teams that need to give and receive feedback effectively so your business can achieve results.
  • RainTree coaches your leaders to overcome their barriers to feedback. They can then step into their power and self-trust. This allows them to lead to deliver sustainable growth.
  • Groups of 4 – 12 People
  • Includes 4 Group Sessions

Individual Business and Executive Coaching Journeys

  • Designed for leaders and business owners who understand  that growth starts with themselves and are ready to explore powerful solutions to challenges they are facing.
  • One-on-one sessions only
  • Number of sessions to be determined

Management Accountability Circles 

  • Businesses face challenges and go through changes. Difficult processes like these can become overwhelming. The Management Accountability Circles provide support to tackle the changes and challenges step by step.
  • Number of sessions to be determined

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

-Chinese proverb

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    Igniting Leaders

    Igniting Leaders

    RainTree’s vision is to work with management teams and ignite your leaders to behave as though they are partners in your business. Empowered leaders are strong allies. There is no better advocate for your business than a manager who has partnered with you in the leadership process to grow your business. We stoke the fires within each participant, igniting and inspiring them to become managers and leaders that grow themselves and your business.

    Leadership Coaching

    Leadership Coaching

    Many companies look for management training programmes to instruct their management teams on how to lead. We don’t train your managers. We coach them.

    Through coaching, managers are supported to access their unique reservoir of leadership knowledge and talents. The coaching provides impactful tools that frame the leadership thinking and behaviors. Managers take ownership and craft how they will influentially lead. Coaching does not prescribe a solution but allows the leader to understand themselves and develop a leadership way that works for their team and the business as a whole.

    Sustainable Empowerment

    Sustainable Empowerment

    At RainTree we believe in sustainable solutions. We work to ensure that the lessons you (and your management team) learn about yourself, and your leadership style stay with you for life. We know that efficiently maturing strong, resilient and confident leaders will support long term business sustainability across the African landscape.
    Coaching does not prescribe a solution but allows the leader to understand themselves and develop a leadership style that works for their team and the business as a whole, and can be applied throughout their professional lives.

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