I am not sure how you feel about winter?  I declare openly that I am a winter wimp. 

I don’t like the dark, the cold, the discomfort, etc. I can go on about it for ages.  This week, my coach pointed out to me how I focus on what I do not like about winter.  She then asked a very thought-provoking question.  She asked me if there was anything “good” about winter.  I admit, I was taken aback and had to think for a while.

When I realised, I was focussing on the negative, I was able to shift my perspective and begin to appreciate the aspects of winter that are not only necessary but that I deeply appreciate. 

Winter is symbolically and traditionally the time of reflection.  It is when our world gets darker, and a time of “going inside” naturally results.  The frost and cold kill off anything that is not meant to survive because it is not strong enough.  Anything not meant to be a part of our future needs to be released.  As people, we resist the change, but winter forces us to take stock and release what is no longer needed and no longer serves us.

In coaching, we witness and travel through our own “dark night of the soul” times.  These times are cold, dark, and often very hard to deal with (much like winter).  Always, these times of “breakdown” lead to new insights.  The unpacking of heavy burdens allows us to face our demons and let them go.  We realise we can stand up stronger, with more conviction. 

For me – winter is the catalysts that give me the impetus to try new things, make the changes that ultimately make me stronger and help me to move closer to achieving my dreams and goals.  Winter is the cold that drives me to light my inner fire of purpose and conviction.  Winters are the lessons that force me to be inspired, innovative and passionate, just like a heartening winter fire. 

I am grateful for my own coach.  I still don’t love winter, but I appreciate it more.  That appreciation allows me to be more at peace with this season.  Happy Winter RainTree family.  May your time of reflection give birth to warm, magical and spectacular futures.


  • Mark  — September 12, 2022

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

    • Angela Heeley  — September 12, 2022

      Thanks for your kind feedback, Mark. We trust our insights provide value and a practical perspective.

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