If you’re reading this post then you have found our website’s temporary home.

We’re in the process of growing a beautiful new website, and like most good things, it takes a little time from when you prepare the soil and plant the seeds until you see that first beautiful blossom, which becomes the sweet and delicious fruit of your labours.

For now, we will be using this space to share the odd blog post and keep our valued clients up to date and inspired with coaching stories, hints and tips.

For those of you who don’t know us yet, Raintree is dedicated to group and solo business coaching.

We ignite future leaders, pushing them to fully realise their personal power and build sustainable businesses, to create an empowered African economy.

We offer both group and individual business leadership coaching solutions.

Raintree grows leaders to their full potential by connecting you with your talents and equipping you with the tools to wield those talents.

We work to ensure that the lessons you learn about yourself and your leadership style stay with you for life. That’s why it’s so important for us to get to know every individual, even when we work with groups.

We have decades of knowledge and experience backing us up. While many of our methods are tried and tested, we embrace fresh resources that support efficiency.

Our goal is to intuitively combine these resources and methods to offer you the best tools in a constantly changing work environment – for you – personally – to reach your full potential.

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