“What RainTree Business Coaching achieved in an awe-inspiring manner was the awakening of my team’s authentic inner leaders, based on the unique sum of who they are as individuals.

Out of the 12 leaders coached in the team coaching sessions, we saw the emergence of 12 unique, confident leaders that were grounded in the proven leadership concepts identified through the ages, but with a big focus on what their unique application would look like. The team discovered long-hidden parts of themselves that both excited them and made them immensely proud.

The power of the group coaching element astounded me, especially as it started with an innovative learning session around the Enneagram types and who the team consist of. This then served as a continuous thread through the 10 weeks of coaching and training that followed.

In the debrief, the team unanimously agreed that it was a life changing experience and in the 6 months since the journey started 30% of the participants were promoted, some of whom were in the same role for 5 – 10 years prior to the coaching. This is the single best investment that you can make in your team. They will be forever better for it.”  – Yolandi Mitchell – Econo Foods Logistics Executive.

For further insights on group coaching as a leadership development tool:

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