It is January, a new beginning, and a fresh start.  For most successful people, this is the time in the year when they set their goals and intentions.  Achieving their goals is what sets successful people apart.

There are books about the different types of goals and the importance of setting goals that are clear and measurable.  Despite good intentions, some important goals are delayed and avoided.  We watch as “excusitis” becomes rampant and eventually, the goal is set aside or conveniently forgotten. What we have also observed is the goals that are achieved.  The goals that, despite challenges, are relentlessly pursued until they are achieved. 

What makes the difference?

At RainTree, we follow a process of setting one big goal that is a long-term goal.  This goal is scary.  Its all about stretching us beyond our comfort zone and making the difference that we know we are here to make. 

We then follow Dr John DeMartini’s 7 goal structure.  The goals are

  1. Spiritual
  2. Intellectual/mental
  3. Vocational/service
  4. Financial
  5. Family and intimate relationships
  6. Social/community
  7. Physical/health

It is a powerful structure and one that we then hold ourselves accountable to monthly.  Despite the beautiful structure, the goals that are consistently achieved are those that align with our purpose.

What is our purpose? 

Purpose is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the reason for which something exists”.  So, your purpose is the reason why you exist.  A few simple words but a big concept that requires consideration and reflection.  Luckily, we have seen how, purpose gently reveals itself as soon as our clients make the decision to explore and identify it.  It took five years of gradual exploration and revision of my big goal to become clear on my purpose.  Every year, as I reflect on it again, more layers and textures are revealed, and I refine the goal, so it is even more aligned with who I am and the changes I have gone through over the previous year. 

We know that we have uncovered our purpose because of how it feels.  We recognise that all our challenges, skills, talents and adventures have been leading us towards our purpose.  Our purpose is scary (it will always challenge us to expand beyond the edges of what we believe we can be), but it fits and fills us with energy and excitement.  It gives us an important reason to exist.  It is very personal.

Most importantly, when we set our seven supporting goals with this purpose/big goal in mind, our goals are clear, and we are committed and driven to achieve them.  They are very true to who you are.  “Excusitis” may pop up its head, but the goal remains present and excuses lose their power as the “reason” for the goal becomes more important than the discomfort that the growth and learning to reach our purpose demands. 

A warning about this approach is that it often feels inconsiderate as the goals are all about you, and for you to achieve your purpose.  If everyone we know and love is working towards being their absolute best and making a purposeful difference, they can set, stay on track and achieve their own goals. This is ultimately much more impactful.  

Our suggestion, as you set your goals for the New Year is, set goals that take you closer to your reason for existence.  Challenge yourself to explore your purpose and then align your goals.  Allow yourself to explore your worth and potential and align these with the changes you want to be part of leading.  Then observe as you align your goals with your purpose and make them deeply personal.  This empowers the goals to maintain energy and makes them easier to keep focus on and achieve. 

May 2023 be a truly successful year where goals in all areas of your life are set and achieved.  May you be purposeful and have empowering and valuable reasons for existence that lead you daily.

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