As part of the year end wrap up, the RainTree team takes time to reflect on all what we are grateful for.  We believe that gratitude is a key manifestation technique though, so we juggle diaries and make sure the time is dedicated

This is our process:

Step 1: Acknowledge the things to be grateful for.  These include the big and important successes that we love to celebrate such as you, our customers and fans, our successful projects and our financial successes. 

Step 2: Reflect on the challenges we have faced.  We take a moment to look at the failures and conflicts that have wounded us.  We consider the relationships that have ended and the experiences we are embarrassed or ashamed of.  We then take a moment to consider, what are the lessons and gifts we gained from these.  Through this process, we are able to make peace with what was uncomfortable.  More importantly, we are able to recognise the “school fees” we have paid and integrate the lessons, so we don’t make those mistakes again. 

As uncomfortable as this process is, it is one we refuse to skim over. We are always surprised and humbled by how the “worst” has given us the biggest growth, insights, shifts and gains.  As an example, this year, a large and ugly conflict between Leoni and I that was resolved through reflection and owning both of our stuff, has deepened our connection, strengthened our respect for each other and helped us to realise our individual and combined strength.  During the time of the conflict, each of realised how much we depended on the other and how much stronger we are as a team.  A true blessing to be grateful for.  Through the reflection we are able to fully conclude the challenging situation and “put it in its right place”.  We are also able to laugh about the causes.  Once again, helping us to prevent this happening again.

Step 3: Reflect on individual growth.  This is always a bit of a vulnerable exploration as we explore not only where we have grown but where we need to grow.  This supports each of us to keep prioritizing our own growth.  It also highlights what our next learning focus areas are.  We take a moment to be grateful for the growth we have experienced.  We are also grateful for the plans we develop on how we will grow in the next year.

Step 4: Explore what the business needs for it to grow.  We are intentional about looking at all the business weaknesses as these are opportunities we can transform.  We are grateful for the foresight to have recognized the opportunity before it causes real issues.

Gratitude practices are often positioned as almost airy-fairy, self-help, mumbo-jumbo.  Our gratitude reflection process has proved to be supportive in provoking thoughtful planning.  It forces us to pause and celebrate before we steam roll ahead into the next year.  It allows us to move forward with awareness of our risks and opportunities and in a way that honours key relationships without which RainTree would be much less successful. 

On that note, the RainTree team wants to Thank you for 2022.  Through you, we have been able to spread our insights and messages with many more people.  We have been able to coach clients to awareness of their own power and courage.  We have been able to improve and grow with and through you.  We are grateful that we are part of the business community where the work we do is respected and impactful.  Have a blessed final few days of 2022.  Join us in January 2023 to continue the growth. 

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