How to Positively Lead in a Negative World

In our article on how to stay positive and lead impactfully in a negative world, we shared a method to step into authentic positivity. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Director of Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through a practical and impactful coaching conversation, they explore and provide tools to support leaders to step into a positive mindset. RainTree Business Coaching understands how productivity suffers when the leader and/or team spiral into negativity. RainTree Business Coaching supports leaders with Individual Leadership Coaching and The Management for Results Group Coaching Programme. These impactful coaching programmes allow for the tools that are shared to be unpacked in detail so that positive change is realised and sustained.

Positive in a Negative World

The environment that our staff and ourselves are living in seems to be spiraling into greater and greater negativity. Fuel increases, wars, inflation, price increases, load shedding etc etc. The flood of negative news feels suffocating, overwhelming, hopeless and depressing.
The importance of leading positively in this complicated environment is critical to maintain productivity and deliver results.

Raintree’s latest article explains “How do you stay positive and lead impactfully in the negative environment?