Coaching Conversation on “How the Future of Work is Human”

In our article on how the future of work is human, we discussed the importance of managers strengthening and building their human skills, so they and their businesses remain relevant. Leoni Coetzee and Angela Heeley (Directors of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through an intense and challenging coaching conversation, they unpacked the human skills discussed in Kevin’s book, their impact on business and how they help each of us to contribute to a world where AI removes many of the predictable tasks from our daily delivery.

The Future of Work is Human

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the working world has become very real with the launch of Chat GPT. Ironically, AI is forcing all of us, and especially leaders, to reconnect with our humanity. Over and over, the core message of “what will keep you relevant” is answered with “tap into the magic and talents that are intrinsic with being human”.
Raintree’s latest article talks about “The Future of Work is Human”