Coaching Conversation on How to Retain your Staff

In our article on how to retain your staff, we discussed the power managers have to create a working environment that supports staff to feel and experience what is needed for them to stay and be productive. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through an insightful and exploratory coaching conversation, they unpacked the 6 Human Needs (Cloe Madanes) and its role in supporting staff retention.


The world is experiencing the highest levels of staff attrition in 10 years*. As managers, the cost of losing and securing new staff goes beyond the physical financial costs. The effort and time required to find talent, train them up and get them to full speed is exhausting. All of this while the manager is normally carrying the additional workload from the previous incumbent. The question of “how do I retain my good staff?” is increasingly relevant? The saying, “staff leave managers not companies” reminds us that a significant amount of power lies with managers to retain their staff.