Coaching Conversation on ” How to understand and overcome obstacles”

In our article on how to understand and overcome obstacles, we discussed the role of obstacles as protectors and teachers. We also explored the Byron Katie tools to change beliefs that lead to obstacles. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through a challenging and vulnerable coaching conversation, they unpacked the gifts of obstacles and how changing our beliefs helps us to grow into better, healthier people and leaders

Are obstacles interfering with your leadership goals?

We are at the end of the first quarter of the year, and it has been a whirlwind. In January, we set goals, and decided what we wanted from the New Year. Many of us are finding that challenges and obstacles have been popping up, impacting our ability to achieve the goals or deliver our best. Despite trying our best efforts, the obstacles remain, defying our attempts and intentions to move closer to our goals.
RainTree’s latest article talks about obstacles and whether it is interfering with your leadership goals?