Welcome to Raintree

If you’re reading this post then you have found our website’s temporary home. We’re in the process of growing a beautiful new website, and like most good things, it takes a little time from when you prepare the soil and plant the seeds until you see that first beautiful blossom, which becomes the sweet and […]

What does your courage look like?

Dear Raintree family, We have embraced something a little scary and we’re ready to talk about it! In a powerful coaching session we had recently, we explored the importance of Courage with our client.Courage is a subject with many stereotypes associated to it. The question we worked through was “am I courageous”? What we explored […]

Winter – the season for turning inward

I am not sure how you feel about winter?  I declare openly that I am a winter wimp.  I don’t like the dark, the cold, the discomfort, etc. I can go on about it for ages.  This week, my coach pointed out to me how I focus on what I do not like about winter.  […]

Youth Month

Right in the thick of COVID-19, RainTree ran our Empowered Leaders group coaching journey with a Waste management business. The owner of the business had realised that his management team had some young leaders who he wanted to see step into their power to be more effective. He had two key reasons for this need. […]

Ignite a Partnership Spirit in your Management Team

How do you ignite the want and need in your management team to lead like business partners? I was asked this question by a client in a coaching session this week.  In modern business, change is a constant and growth is complicated. For SME’s especially, managers that are partners in the business growth and success […]

The Fear Model

A little while ago I wrote an article about fear.  In the article, I mentioned the FEAR model.  Some of my most valued advisors read that article and asked if I would share a little more about the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) model so they can better understand it and use it in their […]

Feminine Energy in Leadership

As business coaches, we are privileged to work with powerful leaders that are men and women.In honour of Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on two powerful women who have coached with RainTree, and the feminine leadership characteristics that have made them so successful. (Individual names have been changed to protect […]

Definition of Partner Leaders

What do we mean when we say Leadership Partners? First, let’s clear up the most obvious confusion – we are not advocating that you make every manager in your business a partner! The idea is that the managers and leadership teams within your business partner with you in leading the company.They are invested, they want […]

How Do You Sustain Your Energy Throughout 2022?

2020 and 2021 have been some of the most challenging years of recent history.

How Would Falling Back In Love With Your Business Change How You Lead?

Happy Valentine’s Day.  To honour this day of love, Id like to share some insights about how loving your job can positively impact your life.

Four steps to leading blended teams successfully

The stress levels being experienced by managers are at an all-time high. Pre-pandemic,
management was easier. All staff were at the office, physically present and we could monitor and
control. This process was very tangible. Over the last 2 years, all of this has changed.

Three empowering solutions to support young managers

Have you ever had that experience in that you can’t find the answer or the insight to solve a problem or
deliver a piece of work?

Benefits of Pausing, Reflecting & Celebrating

RainTree is celebrating.  This month, two of our business goals were achieved.  For one brief moment my team and I are taking a breath, reflecting on the hard work, sweat and tears it has taken and celebrating a successful outcome. 


Conflict, a swear word in so many people’s vocabulary. Being conflicting has got a bad rap.
Most of us avoid conflict as it forces uncontrollable change. We do not know what the outcome of the change will be. We understand at a deep level that, after conflict, we cannot return to how it was before. This truth about conflict is its curse and its blessing.
Raintree’s latest article explains “Why is thoughtful conflict a critical or necessary part of successful leadership”

The Metaverse and Conflict


2022 has seen the reawakening of business delivery expectations. Expectations for production levels to return to and exceed pre-COVID-19 levels. Expectations for revenue, profitability and sales to recover. COVID-19 is no longer an excuse. It is a challenge we faced that we need to have worked through and integrated into our operations, sales and all other functions in the businesses. As the leaders of business, even if the integration and solutions have been implemented, if you and your staff don’t have the “get-up-and-go” to realise the expectations, your ability to deliver is in trouble. Raintree’s latest article explains “Why is burnout so prevalent in the workplace?

The Impact of Burnout on your Business

In our article on burnout, we discussed the prevalence of Burnout and its impact. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through a vulnerable and yet transformational coaching conversation, they explore Burnout and provide tools to support leaders to navigate this personal and staff challenge. […]

Positive in a Negative World

The environment that our staff and ourselves are living in seems to be spiraling into greater and greater negativity. Fuel increases, wars, inflation, price increases, load shedding etc etc. The flood of negative news feels suffocating, overwhelming, hopeless and depressing.
The importance of leading positively in this complicated environment is critical to maintain productivity and deliver results.

Raintree’s latest article explains “How do you stay positive and lead impactfully in the negative environment?

How to Positively Lead in a Negative World

In our article on how to stay positive and lead impactfully in a negative world, we shared a method to step into authentic positivity. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Director of Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through a practical and impactful coaching conversation, they explore and provide tools to support leaders to step into a positive mindset. RainTree Business Coaching understands how productivity suffers when the leader and/or team spiral into negativity. RainTree Business Coaching supports leaders with Individual Leadership Coaching and The Management for Results Group Coaching Programme. These impactful coaching programmes allow for the tools that are shared to be unpacked in detail so that positive change is realised and sustained.

Shifting from feeling Stuck and Desperate

The incessant pressure that our clients and we have experienced over the last couple of months has pushed everyone to the limit. A common feeling is desperation. Our clients are often desperate because there isn’t an answer. They have done what needs to be done to solve a problem, but the problem persists. And what they know they need to do and is the right outcome is not being realized. We have also noticed that desperation is the most effective repellent to manifesting.
Raintree’s latest article explains “Shifting from feeling Stuck and Desperate, If desperation is a repellent, what can we do to move out of desperation?”

Coaching Conversation on Shifting from feeling Stuck and Desperate

In our article on shifting from feeling stuck and desperate, we discussed the importance of moving back to a place of deserving. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through an intense and real coaching conversation, they explore how to move from desperate to deserving. RainTree Business Coaching understands how hopeless and scary it feels to get stuck in feeling desperate. We support leaders with one-on-one coaching journeys to step back into deserving and action.


The world is experiencing the highest levels of staff attrition in 10 years*. As managers, the cost of losing and securing new staff goes beyond the physical financial costs. The effort and time required to find talent, train them up and get them to full speed is exhausting. All of this while the manager is normally carrying the additional workload from the previous incumbent. The question of “how do I retain my good staff?” is increasingly relevant? The saying, “staff leave managers not companies” reminds us that a significant amount of power lies with managers to retain their staff.

Coaching Conversation on How to Retain your Staff

In our article on how to retain your staff, we discussed the power managers have to create a working environment that supports staff to feel and experience what is needed for them to stay and be productive. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through an insightful and exploratory coaching conversation, they unpacked the 6 Human Needs (Cloe Madanes) and its role in supporting staff retention.

3 Structures that Support Managers in a Hybrid Environment

The hybrid working environment is a new way of operating and leading. A large amount of focus has been placed on building healthy hybrid working environments that support staff and empower them to be productive. The managers responsible for designing and implementing these solutions, structures and systems for staff are struggling. What is being done to assist managers?
Raintree’s latest article explains the “3 structures that Support Managers in a Hybrid Environment”

Coaching conversation on “How to navigate the complexity of managing in a hybrid environment”

In our article on how to manage in the hybrid work environment, we explored three factors that make being a manager in a hybrid environment challenging and what managers can do to better support themselves to manage better. Leoni Coetzee (Director of RainTree Business Coaching) and Kevin Britz (Leadership by Design) took the conversation further. Through a practical and exploratory coaching conversation, they unpacked 3 ways managers can lead effectively in the Hybrid Working Environment.